Re: weather plus update

Don H

So in your words I should ignore the dam dialog box that came up when I started NVDA that says I should go to the weather plus check for updates under add on manager.

On 9/4/2017 10:13 AM, Lino Morales wrote:

Dan is right. Read the damn posts in full people!

On 9/4/2017 10:24 AM, Dan Beaver wrote:

If you read all of his post you will see that you can't use that method to download it.  You have to use the links in his posting.

Dan Beaver

On 9/4/2017 10:21 AM, Rich De Steno wrote:
I get the same results!

On 9/4/2017 10:20 AM, Don H wrote:
When I go to the weather plus check for updates I enter on yes to download the update.  The next screen that comes up shows the name of the download and a button to download.  If I hit enter on that download button I get a dialog box saying download cancelled. Several retries gets the same result.

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