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Yes one I think is code 10 and one code 13, A carriage return is just that it moves the cursor back to the start of a line, a line feed feeds down a line, so normally one would expect both.
I go back to when we all had to drive printers directly, so you could print a page. otherwise if you just did a carriage return, you would print everything on one line.
Line feeds advanced the paper so the lines appeared below each other on the paper.

If we are not careful here we will start talking about old teleprinter codes .
I imagine all of this is these days done in the printer drivers, but as I said back in the old days of 8 bit home computers you wrote your own drivers!


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Hi, I noticed that, depending on the text editor in use at the time, NVDA will sometimes say either "carriage return" or "Line feed" to indicate new lines. Since they seem to serve similar purposes, I wonder if there is actually a difference between the two?

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