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One of the benefits is that it shows a list of recently accessed files from which you can choose quickly. I generally turn off Backstage View, but occasionally I type Alt+F to activate it so that I can access the list of recently visited files.


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If that is so, it would at least be useful, from what I've read, for blind users to know how to either stop it from coming up when saving files or how to dismiss it efficiently when it does come up.  I've heard nothing beneficial about Backstage View for blind users.  It's possible there are beneficial uses, but I've only read criticisms of it.



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Subject: [nvda] Backstage View in MS-Word 2010 & Later


As I suspected, you really can't turn it off in its entirety, and I actually wouldn't want to myself.

for some information on keyboard shortcuts you can use to get just the file navigator to show up when you want to "Save as" or "Open" and have set the option to not show Backstage View to On.

Where that option is controlled clearly varies for versions of Word after 2010, as the location noted in the article referenced above does not contain it for Word 2010.
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