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True in parts. New Microsoft's synths has a better spanish than espeak-ng, but usually with many problems in the inflection. Also the thing is Eloquence and espeak-ng works faster than any other synts, so if I've to choose I prefer espeak than new Microsoft synths, that are prepared to sound like an human, but not to work with these. When I write contracts or read some of these I prefer speed and inflection, no a human with pauses between words.
However, I'm giving an explanation of what is hapening, I sayd that I can use espeak without problem before... I've used other voices with many problems, so espeak is good for me... I prefer Eloquence, but if it is not available, is not and I can live with that.


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OK granted but I was given to understand that the newer voices on windows did have native speakers of other languages. Is tis wrong? I'm not an expert but I can tell the difference between South American Spanish and real Spanish, same for Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. However and this is just to me, Eloquence sounds decidedly like its got a bad case of adenoids no matter what he is speaking.

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Brian, the thing is Eloquence is one of the best synths on other languages
like spanish. I use espeak-ng without problem, but espeak doesn't speak a
good spanish, he is clearly not a native Spanish speaker, he is more of an
English speaker who learned to speak in Spanish and for not to be Spanish
his first language does it well, but not as a Spanish speaker. If you see
who is requesting Eloquence, many us are speakers of other languages (well,
I don't request eloquence or similar because I know it will not be
available for free, and espeak is good for my needs).
However, this has been said on several occasions in the list already, also
in other forums, and I personally think it is a sterile discussion on this
point. I only explain it because I don't think it can be characterized as
an addiction to wanting to hear your native language spoken correctly and
not with letters like "r","d","t", with a strange accent.


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None of the 'real' Eloquence libraries now available are free. As I think
somebody said, Sappi 4 Via Voice is similar but not exactly Eloquence and
can still work, but a lot of people are spending their money as as a well
as the old Eloquence if you buy a package you get other voices more suited
to reading docs and this can be set up as a user profile so you can hear
more comfortable readings while still retaining the quick and dirty access
in menus etc.

There are now so many people talking about Eloquence, I've hived all these
messages off into another folder. I'm beginning to think that people might
be addicted to Eloquence, Next we will have rehab clinics to wean folk off
of it! :-)

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I've changed the subject to better reflect. Hope that was OK.

I don't think Vocalizer is free either. Sorry.
Christopher Gilland
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 vocilelizer the nvda version or the all computer of vocolizer please
 or free free free voices not the ones u pay for I don't have the money

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