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Darren Tomblin

If I do a reset will have to reinstall any of my programs

On 9/4/2017 5:28 PM, slery wrote:
If you can get the machine to start up, I would do a reset. It will keep your files and most of your programs but run better (make sure that you choose the option to keep your settings and files).


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I got it installed but i'm having another problem. it started before installing it. something keeps getting corrupted. my alt tab doesn't work and the start menu won't come up and if I switch to jaws or window eyes I get an error about the display. I checked and i'm running the latest driver for my graphics card. also if I have someone look at my screen sometimes its either blue or black with just the mouse pointer on it. if I reboot the problem goes away. i'm running windows10 with all current updates on the screen readers. does anyone know how to fix this.

On 9/4/2017 3:34 PM, slery wrote:
I agree. Since your version is not very old, I would personally stick
with it until it no longer works for you. When I made the switch, it
was from 2002. I was having issues that all seemed to go back to some
compatibility problems. We chose 365 this time because it was cheaper
to have both out look and access plus the ability to install on up to five computers.

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Why do you want to install the new product? To be honest the old
adage, if its not broken don't fix it comes to mind. New lamps for
old may be alluring, but ask yourself if you will use any of the new
bits and indeed whether you want to tie yourself into paid updates of a new version.
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Hi, I have a couple questions. when I bought my laptop several years
ago it came with office 2007 i'm thinking about unistalling it and
office365 on it. I was wondering if this would break nvda since
reading some posts on here. where do I go to install 365 is in the
store. thanks

Darren Tomblin(KC9JJJ)

Darren Tomblin(KC9JJJ)

Darren Tomblin(KC9JJJ)

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