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Rosemarie Chavarria

You can't get one-core voices unless you're on windows 10.

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how do I get 1cor voices what is the key comboNation

On 9/4/17, Lubos Pintes <> wrote:
This is a known bug and could be fixed in NVDA master.

Dňa 4. 9. 2017 o 0:20 Don H napísal(a):

I can increase the rate within ghe NVDA voice setings. I guess the
lag I am talking about is when you are at the desktop and use single
letter navagation there is a lag before you get the voicing of the
icon you are moving to. For example at the desktop I hit the letter
n and it moves me to the NVDA icon but the David one core voice takes
longer to say NVDA versus how long it takes Access32 to say NVDA.

On 9/3/2017 5:02 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Hi don

At present you can not ajust the speed through the settings in nvda
to speed up the windows one core voices. from what i have read there
is a update from windows which will fix this if i read it correct.

there is a work around for the moment which works.

In windows 10 in the search box i typed text to speech and then it
came up with some results.

it cam up with the following result Change text-to-speech settings,
System settings of which i pressed the enter key on.

When the next screen came up it defaults to my one core voice i
chose. Tab to the rate and change it there just use the arrow keys
to do this.

Then close it the screen i mean.

You will notice now in nvda he will be speaking quicker.

Gene nz

On 04/09/2017 08:58, Don H wrote:
Having used Window Eyes for some 20 years with decaccess32 as my
syn I have been using the access

32 syn with NVDA. I have tried the One Core David voice but find
it has some lag as compared to the access32 syn. Of course David
sounds more natural and Access32 is more robotic sounding. Is there
a way to change how the one core voices perform?

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