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Rémy Ruiz


The address of download in Italian page is changed, then Weather Plus 4.4 is
not able to update itself.
For this time, you can download it from here:
Then everything will go back to normal.

Thanks to all for your support.


Le 05/09/2017 à 19:59, Gene a écrit :
What browser are you using?  your browser is evidently opening the file in the browser instead of downloading it.  Do you have other browsers on the machine?
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From: Don H
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] weather plus addon

When I try this link I get a page that starts with the following lines
and seems to be several pages long.

uzø`ðýÛ§ÛŸþþðÆý¿<yýøíû_‰©Åøýï¿üöÙc1؏¸óx<~òö‰øŸoÞ¾üV@€xcsØñø«Wƒƒ©µÙÞx|||<:¾32ùáøíwã÷$e—>ó?· þfÚp€Ùx,,-¬°ûÅ_¸ï4h/–´Ö ˆîÉP2Ä?‰²RŒmõs©«ƒÇ&µ*µÛoëL
Dàþz0°ê½“Ì{"˜Ê¼PöÛýBbF"WñƒAaëXS¥ì@XHðfŸæêàÁ`4ó ?KT¨%> r¥R–eµÕCÌ‘ªûc÷׍ûc¿Ü‰
Z`u¯­ªæ¿)EÇæP¤²°²RéìL„&‹ç¿D¥øAI;U¹ØËbtŒ)yÞ×YN#k‘ž8’ÑìT`ƒ±è$ÚóM Úñc^möð> M=ü¯ûcþ÷§äüTÂD‚{Ó÷gúÈÖìÙˆÏYcƒ©häü$Ê-T
ƒÙd&žÿª¢{øþÆs%3ÿ”bu‘Iôa™›JZ±Úó_SSð…-³”¿ñÖ@Êù¯²˜-6þ«ÎEuþÁæeOßÕÁ4f!«oöM ­©L)¬Êbcûï¾1aŠ'¢Š§>Öë^éP[§^K›˜â`vš³ê§FØXFý)ž¥¡ŽJØÖÒȏ<:Ot¬á3¹Â–s[Z-¶’ä›Ã›=
op(b"sCãÖNãÎwµ~6ú|ƒ½Òù´Ž úbŠ­pvÕâ§Ê¤:Ñ9`E¦*hêóö³dØUd’LZ=Ñ1™eK,Äñ{¸O>kM}ß4éì$‰äžxUÓØåa£ÑÎdW$űØʦF¥úýMQ(q¨R•“únÓz"i¹k/矴Åwó)Öcj x¿•°¦…îùéß?*
0IbRUÙؘ,HÒQe[»»;7…N±‘¯à7ö[¼úRjoïG­âpëæÞðOȘÄáœK`¥âú‡·»lÞ¼ùû 3“ËVÁp1ÖËì¬â!G*5
ëù'Aç%œ aà(8z¨*ai)â@G³{

On 9/5/2017 12:21 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
> Hi!
> Rui
> -----Mensagem Original----- De: Brian Vogel
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> Assunto: Re: [nvda] weather plus addon
> All "official" NVDA add-ons, including Weather Plus, can be found on
> this page:

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