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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

As per list instructions, I will not promote, defend usage of or initiate discussion of the said 'illegal' version of Eloquence that is rather popular among users of all kinds. Without getting too political, my biggest beef with the situation is the the copyright/patent holders (after transfer numberous times--I forget who it is now) they ban unauthorized usage, but won't sell it via single or group license to anyone who doesn't already have it like Freedom Scientific and G.W. Micro/whatever the company name is for the new conglomerate.

The Code factory SAPI 5 is passable and I have indeed purchased a copy. I downloaded a demo of the legal version synthesizer from Code Factory and it has numerous issues--many of which have already been discussed on this list. When I e-mailed Code Factory a number of times about future updates and whether or not I could test them with a new demo for 7 days, I received no responses. (Maybe there's a language barrier--since the page is obviously written by non English speakers--but It's difficult to definitively determine.)

Just my 2 centavos.

On 4/17/2016 10:44 AM, Afrim wrote:
Hello Greg,
I see this point in a different prospective.
When you buy a product, what do you consider to be worth the price?
Do you know when was the last time Eloquence was updated? It's been many
years so far.
If eloquence was sold to code factory for a greater purpose in terms of
development and TTS progression, I would be more than happy to pay. Despite
being the best TTS and the most comprehensive voice amongst all, eloquence
actually faces many issues. The most important one is the group of crashing
word which crashes the eloquence so badly. Secondly, this add-on from code
factory is very unintegrated because there are few and probably no words in
the dictionary wordlist. For example, "Mr." is pronounced just M R or etc is
pronounced "etk". The list goes on and on and I promise that you will be
required to add a lot of abriviations which are used today.
When I see all these issues, I don't feel like buying it because the money
I'm spending is nearly being wasted.
I would rather prefer to buy another TTS like Ivona or acapela because I
have eloquence and it is working pretty good.
No bad reputation is created upon users of a free and open source program
because anyone who's good at programming can freely modify the application
in the way he wants. It's too easy, isn't it?

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I want to give those of you who use the illegal eloquence add on some food
for thought. When you do it and proudly proclaim that you do, you give NVDA
and its users a bad reputation. I think I may purchase the Code Factory add
on later this afternoon from AT Guys and I will let you all know if it gets
rid of the choppiness.

Greg Wocher

On 4/17/2016 5:32 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:
My sentiments exactly.

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I have been using the old add-on of eloquonce someone made, and I am
not going to pay for a program that does essentially the same thing.
The add-on I am talking about works so fast and reliably.

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On Apr 17, 2016, at 6:22 AM, Kelly Sapergia <ksapergia@...>


Recently, there was a discussion about alternative voices for NVDA,
such as Code Factory's add-on with Eloquence and Vocalizer. I
mentioned that when I tried this particular product, I noticed that
Eloquence sounded quite choppy compared to other screen readers and
other synths I have for NVDA on my machine running Windows 7.
I also never experienced this with Code Factory's SAPI 5 implementation.
Anyway, I got thinking about it this evening, and decided to do some
searching to see if anyone else was experiencing similar issues. I
found a thread about the add-on in the old NVDA list's archive, and
saw a message stating that the choppiness would go away once the
product was paid for. I was just wondering if this is indeed the
case? If yes, it's not what I'd consider the best way to limit a
trial version, but I might buy it after all.


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