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It did not work in firefox either, I think short fragments of the log in the body are OK its other files that you really need to attach in case they get corrupted.
It seems to me that the browse, um does not browse ..!

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How odd. What shoudl happen si syou hit brows and the file dialogue shoudl appear, it does under safari. Try chrome maybe and see if that works and or firefox or edge?

Good luck.
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Thanks for this excellent explanation!

I am being asked to attach the actual text file to a new issue rather than simply pasting in the contents of the log file, for instance . The problem is that I cannot get any option to attach a file when I clicked on the “browse” button. It would be a great help if you could explain how to attach a file using NVDA.

All the best,


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As mentioned, if you want to create a ticket, submit an issue or generally report something that isn't working / could work better / should be implemented etc, what you want to do is create a new issue. The link to the issues section is <>

Unless you are writing code yourself, you can mostly ignore the other sections (code, pull requests, projects, etc).

Ideally, it's worth jumping to the SECOND edit box on that page to search for the issue you want to report. (the first one searches code and other things, you want to search issues). So, if someone reported a problem with footnotes in Word 2016 for instance, I'd search for "word 2016 footnotes" or similar in that second edit box. There are two types of issues, open and closed. Open issues are either new issues that haven't been triaged yet (that is, no one has looked at them to see how serious they are, whether the issue has already been reported etc), or issues which are being worked on, or waiting to be worked on. Closed issues are issues which have either been fixed, or which are duplicates of other issues, or sometimes things which can't or won't be fixed. If the problem with footnotes is that you want them to appear at the top of the page for instance, then that isn't something related to NVDA. That's a feature request for Word itself and you'd need to submit that to Microsoft.

To create a new issue, there is a "new issue" button, you can jump straight there with <>

When you create a new issue, there is a block of text in the "comment" prompting you for the kinds of information that are useful in diagnosing the issue. Please try and include: steps to reproduce the issue, attach any files which might help (eg if Word crashes every time you try and check formatting in this particular file, if you can share it, that would help), what should happen and what actually happens, and your system configuration (Windows version, application version, NVDA version and whether installed or portable), and anything you've done to try and resolve or get more information (eg tried different version of NVDA or other program). Don't stress if you don't have every piece of that information or if you aren't sure if the issue has been filed before. When someone goes to triage the issue, they will ask for more information if needed. If the issue has been filed previously, they will link to it (and likely close the duplicate issue you created).

If you do have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards


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Good point sir. Ive seen Get Hub's pages in the past and its confusing as heck.

On 9/3/2017 7:34 AM, Gene wrote:
I just looked at the Github NVDA part of the site. I haven't signed up yet but it looks easy to do so and to create a pull request, which I assume is what is generally referred to on this list as a ticket. But many people may find the page confusing. Is there a way that some sort of short help information can be inserted after the navigation links on the page, instructing people what to do to create what are called tickets, perhaps also how to search for tickets and how to create an account? If tickets are desired from the widest variety of users, this process should be somehow explained and done so in a place that those wishing to create tickets will be likely to see the explanation.


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