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Hmm, well the dialogue is obviously coming up, but windows is not allowing you to see it by the sound of it.
I don't know if you have a pair of eyes but it might be interesting to look at task manager and see if the running process is showing.
Maybe its not just nvda, maybe the window for this is somehow being disable by a windows problem.

The fact that you hear the sound makes me think its a windows issue.


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Hi all,

I have a really interesting problem that I haven’t been able to solve.
I’ve never had a problem installing NVDA before including the laptop that I’m having problems with. I have downloaded it a couple times to make sure the file wasn’t a problem and have used it to install onto another laptop and it worked fine.

I am using as a backup laptop my very inexpensive Toshiba laptop. 64 bit, With 8Gb Ram. It works fine with the portable version of NVDA.
It’s running the latest Windows 10 creators edition. When I try to install NVDA I get the music that you expect, I then get the rising tones, and then a few seconds later I get the system sound that you would normally need to answer yes or no to, to allow a program to make changes or install. However that doesn’t appear and it is not in the system tray. There is nothing in the task manager or process areas as well.

Any great thoughts would be very much appreciated.


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