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Hmm I find the opposite. Web interfaces are all different between my different email web mail sources and since I do not need to have access from anywhere and any thing then the simpler the better.

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On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 07:28 pm, Gene wrote:

I've never seen this discussed and I've always moved from folder to folder
in the treeview.
That's generally how we "sightees" do it, too. I have had very rare occasion to keep a single folder open in its own tab (I never use separate windows) when I know that there is going to be "hot and heavy" traffic and I just want to leave that particular folder open and jump between tabs rather than click between folders in tree view. In general I find it just as fast to jump between folders with point and click.

Now I've largely transitioned to using web-based interfaces to my e-mail accounts because of ease of access, and consistent look and feel, from anywhere I can get on to a web-connected computer.

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