Re: NVDA reads Unknown with Windows 10 issue

Rosemarie Chavarria


I'm thinking of trying libre office again. Where could I get a good tutorial on it?


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did you try libreoffice?
i use only libreoffice and i believe that no need to continue using
microsoft office with this great and accessible open source office

On 4/16/16, Mohit Singla <> wrote:
Hi All,

I used system restore to go back to a pre office 2013 installation setting
and NVDA started reading again. Basically it had stopped reading all buttons
and would announce unknown and for links and context menus it stopped
reading all together.

In case any of you have faced this problem or know aanything about it please
let me know.


On 16-Apr-2016, at 11:24 AM, Mohit Singla <>

Hi All,

I am using NVDA 2016.1 with Windows 10 and it was working perfectly till
last Wednesday.

On Wednesday I installed MS Office 2013 Professional+, since then NVDA has
encountered the following issues and basically become unusable:
1. It has stopped reading the taskbar items and just announces Unknown
2. It has stopped reading the context menu on the Start button
3. It has stopped reading every thing in Skype ie contacts, recents, chats
and everything except for announcing Skype when I alt + tab to it
4 In outlook if I hit the application key it reads the context menu
quickly but if I arrow down to any item it does not read it

I am not sure why this is happenning and if it is due to the office
installation or a windows update.

I will really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot in advance.


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