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Well it seems many did not. I think a lot of it was the higher pitched sounds were not heard by those with hearing loss. Since the code is not in nvda for allowing these to be changed it was felt, I think that they would leave it till people could use this function. However if you want to manually change them it is easy. If you kept the old snap or its archive, you can run it, let it extract as a portable version to a folder, then go there, grab the waves folder and copy it to the one in the installed copy. do this while not running it though. Then restart the installed copy and they will be in there till you do an update at which point you need to copy them again. What I have done is renamed the waves to waves2 and then just copied waves to that folder. This should make it easier next time to change them.
If you do not have a snap them let us know on here, I'm sure somebody has a copy somewhere.

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I was running, a while back a snapshot of NVDA 2017.3, and noticed that the NVDA sounds for things like startup, quitting, etc. were different than what they have been for the longest time.

Now, with the official release of 2017.3, I'm not seeing this.

Can someone advise me on how to go about getting those other sounds? I liked them much better.

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