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I didn't think it would.  there is no such entry in Windows Live Mail either.  I don't know how many programs have this feature.  It may be one you have to buy an e-mail program to get in a lot of cases.  I don't know this, but I wonder if Thunderbird is the only free option.          Gene

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FYI, Gene, this how it works/worked in Outlook. Tried this in win 10 mail and it didn't work.

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That answers my question.  I've never seen this discussed and I've always moved from folder to folder in the treeview.
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On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 05:57 pm, Travis Siegel wrote:
I see no reason why it [opening more than one folder in one or more accounts] wouldn't work.  Thunderbird treats everything as a folder, and I see no reason why you couldn't open multiple folders whether they're in the same account or not.
I can confirm you can do this.  If you right click on a given folder (hit the menu/apps key or Shift+F10) one of the options is to open in a new tab (or new window).  You can have as many tabs (or windows) as you wish open and each of these tabs (windows) can contain a single folder from any of the accounts you have set up.
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