Re: jdf2dic

Ricardo Leonarczyk


Well, I think it's possible to convert from .jdf to .dic to some
extent. Obviously, some things like sounds and other stuff not
currently present in NVDA will just have to be ignored.
I wasn't able to find any documentation on the jdf formatte, so I
assume one would need to do some reverse engineering e.g., try
creating various kinds of dictionary entries and see what happens to
the file.
Now, maybe this file you want to convert is a simple case and you can
just use regular expressions on the notepad++ or similar to make the
conversion. A tool to do this would be nice I think, but I'm not sure
if creating such a tool would be legal.
Is this jdf file available for download?

2017-09-05 14:44 GMT-03:00, Engin Albayrak <mealbayrak@...>:

Hello. In Turkey,We are using a jaws dictionary file for QuentinC's playroom
application to translate to Turkish. Because, the app and server doesn't
support Turkish language.
This jdf file is about 70 pages, and it contains about 2000 entry.
I want to edit it as a dic file for nvda.
Does anybody have any idea?

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