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Hmm, well I actually tweaked the sounds so a slightly hard of hearing friend could hear them again, mainly focus mode and browse mode, and lengthened te short rising and falling tones as being tone deaf at first I could not tell the difference between them.

They were too short!
Inccidentally since 2017.3 came out all the xp machines when they close down now play the exit sound twice
It started a while ago in a snapshot, but nefver really noticed it before. Not that it really matters and 7 seems to still be OK.

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Mostly just to back up what others have said and give a bit more
background. Initially, the idea was simply to "refresh" the sounds, much
like we have also done with the logo in 2017.3. It wasn't that nobody
liked them, but it was really split - there were people who preferred the
old sounds, some who liked the new sounds, and some who wanted to change
the sounds, but didn't like the new ones either. We hadn't considered that
until the feedback started coming in from the snapshot users. We realised
then that what we needed to implement, more than just a new set of sounds
on its own, was a way for people to be able to change their own sounds.
One idea for this is along the lines of the way you can install add-ons.
Ideally, unlike add-ons, we want something that will be a bit easier for
users to package without needing programming skills.

Because of the divided feedback, we decided the best option (since it
hadn't yet rolled out to the majority of users), was to pull the new sounds
while we work on this new sound "theme" feature.

So, that's where it's at currently, and I believe someone else has provided
instructions in this thread for your question. Note that if you do that,
keep a backup of the sounds as they may get overridden when you update
NVDA, and they'll be easier to swap back if you've got the files handy.



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I was running, a while back a snapshot of NVDA 2017.3, and noticed that
the NVDA sounds for things like startup, quitting, etc. were different than
what they have been for the longest time.

Now, with the official release of 2017.3, I'm not seeing this.

Can someone advise me on how to go about getting those other sounds? I
liked them much better.

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