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However, when it comes up, Windows makes a specific sound.  Also, if you just do alt y whether it is read or not, that will answer yes to the question.  To avoid any doubt, you can run Narrator when you run the installer and see if the UAC prompt comes up. 

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usually in most cases it would be a uac screen that would come up. the portable version would not be able to see it only the installer version. when it comes up it or you would use the alt key + letter Y if i remember right so it keep on installing it.

the other thing is your anti virus could be stopping it? but if it is the one that comes with windows i do not think it would be.

You could always start up narrator on th ewindows 10 creators version use the ctrl key + windows key + the enter key to start him up. Make sure when you go to plug in the portable version then go to start it hopefully narrator might be able to see if there is a message there stopping nvda from been installed.

Is it the first time you done it  did you get the same results each time? I think you did.

the worst you could do is use narrator to go to programs and features in control panel and see if nvda was installed. If it was uninstall it.

The other place to to check is %appdata% then press the enter key. When the next screen comes up locate the nvda folder and delete it then use the alt key + f4 key to close that page.

You will most probably have to reboot windows then go back and install nvda maybe the nvda.ini file got corrupted?

Gene nz

On 06/09/2017 15:44, Jim Pipczak wrote:

Hi all,


I have a really interesting problem that I haven’t been able to solve.

I’ve never had a problem installing NVDA before including the laptop that I’m having problems with. I have downloaded it a couple times to make sure the file wasn’t a problem and have used it to install onto another laptop and it worked fine.


I am using as a backup laptop my very inexpensive Toshiba laptop. 64 bit, With 8Gb Ram. It works fine with the portable version of NVDA.

It’s running the latest Windows 10 creators edition. When I try to install NVDA I get the music that you expect, I then get the rising tones, and then a few seconds later I get the system sound that you would normally  need to answer yes or no to, to allow a program to make changes or install. However that doesn’t appear and it is not in the system tray. There is nothing in the task manager or process areas as well.


Any great thoughts would be very much appreciated.












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