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Yes unless there are specific reasons, ie a small fix etc on one of the snaps, changing from the normal stable version to a snap is only going to get you the error bleeps back and unless there is a programmer willing to continue development of the older version for XP Vista, then reporting any errors that occur here will not get much response.
At the moment Nvda 2017.3 is very capable, arguably better than the equivalent version of Jaws, which also no longer supports the old versions of windows.
Its sad, yes, but inevitable in the fast changing world we live in.

I still retain the xp machines running on the last known good snaps, but that is just cos they work OK and I have disabled the update scanning as it was getting to be annoying and messed up one machine when I ignored an error and installed over a next snap.

Would seem to be safe.
In fact Master would have gone on being safe until the changes were imported from next but I think Mick felt that its best to put the warning in both branches to avoid any confusion and possibly have a version that almost but not quite works able to install on xp and vista, with the associated complaints that might give!

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Hi Adriano, the error sound is usually only played in the snapshot builds -
Next and Master builds. If you are using NVDA 2017.3 you shouldn't hear

Note that NVDA 2017.4 won't support XP anymore. Once we discovered this
with a recent snapshot build, we built in a check which warns you and
automatically offers to install 2017.3 (the stable version). If you were
running off a Next or Master build and updated to one of these newer
versions then followed the prompts to move to 2017.3, you won't be on the
next or master branch anymore and hence won't hear those sounds. Brian can
likely reccomend the exact last builds you can use, but we'd officially
recommend just staying on 2017.3 from now on XP.

Kind regards


On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 3:48 AM, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io <> wrote:


I just upgraded this version into XP machine, I noticed that no longer
feels the sound error when happens.
All other sounds work correctly.
What can I do?


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