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It most certainly does. I have a friend using it portably for it.
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Yes it does.

On 9/6/2017 9:59 PM, slery wrote:

Does it not work with imap?

On September 6, 2017 8:41:41 PM "Pranav Lal" <> wrote:

The problem with thunderbird is that as of now, you cannot import
messages from outlook therefore for me, it is a non-starter.

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As far as I know, Thunderbird doesn't open multiple folders at the
same time. If that isn't essential, it will do everything else, as
will e-mail programs in general.


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Try Mozilla Thunderbird. Works with NVDA just fine and has everything
you need.


On 9/3/2017 10:20 PM, slery wrote:

I am looking for a new email program (obviously needs to work
with NVDA).

Must haves: work with gmail, work with multiple email accounts,
open multiple folders at the same time

Thanks for any help. Outlook keeps crashing every time I try to
open a second folder (or even just switch to a different folder
within the same window).


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