TWBlue stopped working, please help?

Lisa P Geibel

I know I've heard about people with this program and it not working. I even went through the time when extra characters were added to the twblue.exe file, but this is not the case now. We've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version, but still nothing. Restarted the computer and still nothing. Tried hitting enter on the desktop icon for the program, tried running it as administrator with the context key, tried loading it from the twblue.exe icon in the program files folder and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas or should we really say a final farewell to this great program? We're running Windows 10 with the latest build of NVDA and also have the latest version of JAWS, but it won't work that way either. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
Philmore box shared with hubby:
God bless everyone!!!

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