Resource Monitor 17.09, last version to support Windows XP #addonrelease


Hi all,


Resource Monitor 17.09 is now available:


Note: Resource Monitor 17.09.x is the last version to support Windows XP. Future versions will require Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later. As for this being 17.09.x, that’s because the stable build number for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update isn’t available yet, and once it makes its appearance, the add-on will be updated to recognize that build as Windows 10 Version 1709.


For Windows XP users: as you install Resource Monitor 17.09, a notice informing you that support for this version of Windows will end this December will be shown. Complete support for Windows XP will end no later than Resource Monitor 17.12 release, scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend in the united States (fourth weekend of November), at which time the add-on will refuse to install on unsupported Windows releases.




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