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8.8. Kindle for PC
NVDA supports reading and navigating books in Amazon Kindle for PC.
This functionality is only available in Kindle books designated with
"Screen Reader: Supported" which you can check on the details page for
the book.
Browse mode is used to read books. It is enabled automatically when
you open a book or focus the book area. The page will be turned
automatically as appropriate when you move the cursor or use the say
all command. You can manually turn to the next page with the pageDown
key and turn to the previous page with the pageUp key.
Single letter navigation is supported for links and graphics, but only
within the current page. Navigating by link also includes footnotes.
8.8.1. Text Selection
Kindle allows you to perform various functions on selected text,
including obtaining a dictionary definition, adding notes and
highlights, copying the text to the clipboard and searching the web.
To do this, first select text as you normally would in browse mode;
e.g. by using shift and the cursor keys. Once you have selected text,
press the applications key or shift+f10 to show the available options
for working with the selection. If you do this with no text selected,
options will be shown for the word at the cursor.
8.8.2. User Notes
You can add a note regarding a word or passage of text. To do this,
first select the relevant text and access the selection options as
described above. Then, choose Add Note.
When reading in browse mode, NVDA refers to these notes as comments.
To view, edit or delete a note:
1. Move the cursor to the text containing the note.
2. Access the options for the selection as described above.
3. Choose Edit Note.

i copied explanation from user guide.

hope that help, God bless you.

On 9/10/17, Don H <> wrote:
How well does NVDA work with the Windows Kendall App?  If you install
the app and download a book from amazon is it self voicing or is it read
via NVDA?


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