nvda developers please help me about my favorite version of nvda!



for some reasons, i cant use nvda 17.3, even prefer to keep version
17.1 forever and never update it!

however, i read that some crashes are fixed in nvda 17.2 in firefox
with multiprocess enabled!

i realy wish that know if i use firefox with multiprocess (firefox 57
and later) can i use nvda with crash in this situation?

do firefox developers fix the issue or it depends on nvda helper remote?

i am realy confused and dont know what should i do.

could someone see these bugs and also test with firefox 57 nightly?

because it maybe causes problem for normal users, i only request nvda
developers and programmers to test it for me.

test please nvda 17.1 with firefox 57 nightly and see these bugs.

i sincerely need your help and waiting for the result.



God bless you all, i pray sincerely for you every day, request his
infinite mercy and graces for you and never forget your kindness and
great program and generosity towards me!

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
in the very authentic narration is:
imam hosein is the beacon of light and the ark of salvation.
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