Re: nvda developers please help me about my favorite version of nvda!


Every time these threads come up I am amazed.  It is not up to the developers of software to keep you, for any you, on an old version of their software or to continue to offer it.

NVDA has, for as long as I've been working with it, allowed you to uncheck the checkbox for automatic updates to NVDA in the General Settings.  If that's unchecked it does not automatically update.

One can also keep downloads of every version of NVDA in a personal archive as each version is released.  It is possible for anyone who has a want or need to use an older version of the NVDA software to make sure this happens without any involvement of the NVDA development team.

All of the above being said, I do think it would be a good idea were one able to download several of the most recent versions of NVDA prior to the current one.  There are reasons that people want or need to do this and it is not at all unconventional to have a download page where one can select prior versions if the need exists.  

But for those who even vaguely anticipate a possible need, I'd strongly suggest that you keep your own running archive on your own machine by downloading each version of the full NVDA installer as the releases occur.  Then you know you have them.  If you need to "permanently stall" updating after a particular version then go in to General settings and uncheck the automatic update checkbox, which is the last thing on that dialog (or at least that's where it is now).
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