Re: Focus changes that NVDA doesn't seem to notice

Sally Kiebdaj

I have also seen this when opening Firefox but not only when the computer starts. For me, it is any time I launch a Firefox after it was closed. It seems to be a matter of lag as the window will read properly if I wait long enough.

Windows 7 sp1, NVDA 17.3 on a fast machine.

Cheers, Sally

On Sep 11, 2017 05:02, "Felix G." <constantlyvariable@...> wrote:
Yes, Windows 10 Creator's Update, NVDA 2017.3, and browsers are primarily affected by this. With Notepad or Calculator I can't recall ever observing it, but then again I usually launch a browser first thing.
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For me its nearly always a browser.

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> Which version of Windows are you using?  And from the way you've written,
> I
> assume Chrome is just an example - it also happens if you open NotePad or
> Word or Calculator or anything else?
> On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 4:33 PM, Felix G. <constantlyvariable@...>
> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the following phenomenon.
>> Soon after starting Windows, I launch a program, let's say Chrome, and
>> get
>> no feedback whatsoever about it. In particular, the Chrome window title
>> is
>> not announced, and neither is the address bar. To test what NVDA is
>> seeing,
>> I press NVDA+t, and it says "Explorer." However, maintaining the
>> hypothesis
>> that Chrome indeed has focus, I type a web address and press enter, and
>> indeed the site opens in Chrome and is read properly by NVDA.
>> So, a new window became active, and keyboard focus was on a specific
>> control within this window, but NVDA did not detect this. The NVDA log
>> shows no irregularities.
>> Any idea what might be going on and how the effect could be prevented? Is
>> it a known fact that Windows sometimes does not raise such important
>> events? Or might there be a timing issue in which NVDA is temporarily
>> overloaded and thus fails to track them? Would that not generate log
>> entries?
>> Kind regards,
>> Felix
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