Re: Focus changes that NVDA doesn't seem to notice


Sometimes I get this in mozilla software thunderbird, firefox, sometimes on a web page, sometimes if I open bt sync and the program for mozilla whatever it is is running.

Nvda looses focus and I go to desktop and it basically doesn't anounce much bar a few tabs.

I get to system tray hit n hit app key and am able to quit nvda then restart it.

It happens a lot more than I'd like enough that I am annoyed by it not enough for me to downgrade, it did this a lot in aniversary win10, less in creaters but still does it if I don't watch it.

Its happened ever since 16.4 or was it 17.1.

Its been round a while.

The only reason I don't put it out is that it happens hardly enough to be a show stopper but does happen enough that I am carefull.

On 11/09/2017 6:33 p.m., Felix G. wrote:
I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the following phenomenon.
Soon after starting Windows, I launch a program, let's say Chrome, and get
no feedback whatsoever about it. In particular, the Chrome window title is
not announced, and neither is the address bar. To test what NVDA is seeing,
I press NVDA+t, and it says "Explorer." However, maintaining the hypothesis
that Chrome indeed has focus, I type a web address and press enter, and
indeed the site opens in Chrome and is read properly by NVDA.
So, a new window became active, and keyboard focus was on a specific
control within this window, but NVDA did not detect this. The NVDA log
shows no irregularities.
Any idea what might be going on and how the effect could be prevented? Is
it a known fact that Windows sometimes does not raise such important
events? Or might there be a timing issue in which NVDA is temporarily
overloaded and thus fails to track them? Would that not generate log
Kind regards,

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