Re: podcatcher with NVDA

mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo

any Any NVDA podcasts brandnew? or bbb a c brand new podcasts!
whwere where can I get them

On 9/12/17, Lino Morales <> wrote:
Do a search For Qcast. Its a podcasting catching app. Their is a cost
sorry. Better yet get yourself an iDevice or subscribe using iTunes.

On 9/12/2017 11:14 PM, slery wrote:

I could not find what I am looking  for (or I missed it). What do you
recommend for an accessible podcatcher that can do the following:

Work with NVDA, auto download, allow both text and audio rss, import


for if you persavear. you will conker never fear. try try try again

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