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I am just starting school at a college that uses Blackboard. So far, I haven't run into any issues with nvda logging in or accessing content. I do remember the issues with entering texting form fields  and submitting assignments from a couple of years ago when I helped my ex-girlfriend with her classes. I don't know whether those issues are still a thing, but I will run into them eventually and let the list know.

The key accessibility issue in Blackboard for me is that they don't do anything to validate the content uploaded by professors. The framework may be peachy keen, but it allows professors to upload garbage such as images of text and screenshots of Code. Without good training, the whole thing Falls over.

Another issue completely unrelated to nvda, is the fact that Blackboard has a history of being not mobile friendly at all. The Blackboard Mobile apps have their own niggling accessibility issues, but also the functionality of the mobile apps with severely reduced.

I've used D2L for my High School courses. And I don't know that it's better than Blackboard. It isn't terrible either, but I really think these content management Creator is have a lot to answer for yet.

On September 14, 2017 1:42:07 AM "Arlene" <nedster66@...> wrote:

Hi list: Arlene here! Does anybody know if NVDA works with blackboard? It’s used for schools. Used to set up assignments, tests and other things.

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