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NVDA can also OCR images of text.  If using Windows 10 and NVDA 2017.3, navigate to the image and press NVDA+r, then when OCR complete, use your regular reading keys to read.

If using earlier versions of Windows or NVDA, you will need to the OCR plug-in (note, if using Windows 10 & NVDA 2017.3, please disable the plug-in), in that case, you still press NVDA+r to run OCR, but with the plug in you need to use the review cursor to read.

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In general, Openbook usually works fairly well for handling the "scanned" pdfs that professors often upload to Blackboard.  I don't know of a more affordable approach, though :-(


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Yes, I knew a friend on FB was asking if it’s accessable with Jaws. They say it is.


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I'm really interested in this thread because I'm intending to go back to Swansea Uni, where I did my BSc in chemistry back in the 1990s, and study for MA in creative writing. I know they use Blackboard so have been browsing around to get an idea about how accessible it is.

From what I've read it should be fine though, as Erik says, it very much depends on the professors using it accessibly. This comes up in an AFB post about how blind students find Blackboard,

I know at Swansea, a UK uni, there is a disability office that handles transcriptions of any textbooks or handouts that aren't available electronically, and will step in if anything accessibility related is hindering your chances of successfully completing your studies. I'm optimistic that Blackboard will be sufficiently useable when I get there :)

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