Re: Microsoft Edge in NVDA 16.4 and 17.3



nvda 17.3

• NVDA now automatically reports notifications in Microsoft Edge, such
as when a download starts.

• Browse mode is now correctly supported in Microsoft Edge where a
document has been given a specific ARIA role of document.

• Performing quick navigation to headings in Microsoft Edge is now
significantly faster.

• In Microsoft Edge, navigating in browse mode no longer skips large
parts of certain web pages such as the Wordpress 2015 theme.

• In Microsoft Edge, landmarks are correctly localized in languages
other than English.

nvda 17.2:

• Navigating by line in Microsoft Edge is now up to three times faster
in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

• NVDA no longer announces "Web Runtime grouping" when focusing
Microsoft Edge documents in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

• In browse mode in Microsoft Edge, interactive tables (ARIA grids)
are no longer skipped when navigating to tables with t and shift+t.

• Automatic language switching is now supported in Microsoft Edge.

nvda 17.1:

• The NVDA find command (NVDA+control+f) is now supported in browse
mode in Microsoft Edge.

• Quick navigation for buttons in browse mode (b and shift+b) is now
supported in Microsoft Edge.

• Browse mode table navigation is now supported in Microsoft Edge.

• Typed characters are now spoken in Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
apps (including Microsoft Edge) in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

nvda 16.4:

• Initial support for the Anniversary update of Microsoft Edge.

hope that help, God bless you.

On 9/15/17, Walker, Michael E <michael.e.walker3@...> wrote:
Hi, how well have you found these NVDA versions to work with Edge?
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