Re: NVDA doesn't identify the desk top

Rui Fontes

Here is working alright!

Windows 10 Creators update and last NVDA Next.


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De: Nikos Demetriou via Groups.Io
Data: 18 de setembro de 2017 07:18
Assunto: [nvda] NVDA doesn't identify the desk top

Hi all.
I have got a small issue which doesn't impact in any way the use of my computer, but I always wanted to find out why.
I am using windows 10 with the latest updates and the windows 10 essentials addon.
When I go to the desk top, nvda says folder view list instead of identifying the desk top correctly.
On my windows 7 machine it works correctly.
I don't know if it has got something to do with my display settings.
As I said it is not something major but I find it a bit strange.
Thanks in advance.

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