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The old sound blaster came with a synthesizer called textassist. To me textassist sounds like the DEC talk access 32 software but I think it uses sapi version 3.
My question is how difficult would it be to implement sapi 3 in nvda?
This might open up a whole other world of software synths for people to try and the DEC talk access 32 is good as is the SB16 textassist. Another software synthesizer is i b m v i a voice. It comes in i b m's home page reader along with a screen reader called desktop reader or some thing like that. v i a voice sounds like eloquence to me may be a bit more refined. P W web speak came with a software synthesizer called s o voice or sovoice. It wasn't bad either.
I still like espeak for the reason it reads fast and 7 or 8 hundred w p m it is more clear than DEC talk or eloquence to me any ways.

On 4/17/2016 12:22 AM, Kelly Sapergia wrote:

Recently, there was a discussion about alternative voices for NVDA, such as Code Factory's add-on with Eloquence and Vocalizer. I mentioned that when I tried this particular product, I noticed that Eloquence sounded quite choppy compared to other screen readers and other synths I have for NVDA on my machine running Windows 7.
I also never experienced this with Code Factory's SAPI 5 implementation.
Anyway, I got thinking about it this evening, and decided to do some searching to see if anyone else was experiencing similar issues. I found a thread about the add-on in the old NVDA list's archive, and saw a message stating that the choppiness would go away once the product was paid for. I was just wondering if this is indeed the case? If yes, it's not what I'd consider the best way to limit a trial version, but I might buy it after all.


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