Re: Does Anyone Else Have This Bug in Firefox Using NVDA?

Tony Ballou

Hey Gene,

Yeah, I think it is that same bug in a different but more powerful incarnation.  It is not just affecting web  browsers, and email clients,programs like word, excel,, Nero, and anything with a context menu across the board are all having some sort of issue or just not wanting to work at all. Sounds like a job for the command to re-register the system 32 folder.   


On 9/16/2017 5:47 AM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

hi Tony

Is it doing the following in short? it will not read any thing in your browsers except edge in windows  10? can you get to any of the menus in fire fox etc? Down where the running applications area is does nvda say unknown as you arrow through that section? If you use the context menu will it speak any of the items in it? I am wondering if is that bug?

have a look on my nvda audio tutorials page and go to the section on trouble shooting and look for the heading that says unknown or pane  for windows 10.

I can not remember either but there is a patch etc but can not remember if it is on that page as well. it might only be for windows 7 or 8 machines?

have a look at this ticket and read the comments down near the bottom. The link to this page is

The steps that fixed a friends computer is on my nvda audio tutorials page. but check out the comments first for the ticket.

Gene nz

On 16/09/2017 15:20, Tony Ballou wrote:


I don't have that one however, I do have something similar.  In firefox, and a bunch of other apps on my machine, nvda doesn't read the menu bars, tab controls, or certain textual areas of windows.  Really odd, it happened after installing the most recent set of updates for windows 10 version 1607.  Called the Microsoft disability answer desk and its got them scratching their heads as well


On 9/12/2017 11:50 AM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:


Does anyone else have this problem:

Start the latest stable NVDA, open the latest Firefox, restart NVDA, try to arrow through the Firefox page. The arrow keys don’t work, just the tab key.

Thank you,


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