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The SAPI Version worked on right for me, except for saying the days of the week rather oddly. It would separate the first part of the day and the part that says day into two syllables, with a pause that sounded like a comma between them. It also said dates as numbers, for example, 1-11-12 would be said as one, eleven, twelve. And they would all be said as if there was a comma after each number. Those two things rather frustrated me. It also had a little bit of a tendency to sound like a comma-sounding pause when there was no comma, sort of like Eloquence does when it's running in embedded systems, like talking ATMs. This didn't happen often enough for me to really notice it, though. Either that or I just got used to it. It seems that it didn't happen often enough to be really annoying, I guess is what I'm saying.

I never did try the Code Factory adon, and I especially didn't want to, after hearing about all the problems people have been having with it.


That makes sense.  It would be completely illogical to have a demo version of a program perform badly and then to have it perform better once paid for.  It would also be illogical not to inform users of this in any way.  If the SAPI5 version works well, that is the one I would get.  I've seen conflicting reports on how it works in Windows 8 and Windows 10.  I've seen it claimed that SAPI5 doesn't work well in general in Windows 8 and 10 and that the Eloquence SAPI version lags and is not properly responsive because of this.  I have seen other messages stating that it works well from some people who have tried it.  All I can say is, try the demo if interested and I would be curious to see reports.  I think others would as well.  It works very well on my XP machine and I expect it will work well on my Windows 7 machine but I haven't tried it on that machine.  It's Windows 8 and 10 that I've seen contradictory statements about.
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Subject: [nvda] Code Factory Eloquence and Vocalizer add on

Hello all,
I did purchase this add on today. Even once it is activated the
crackling and popping is still evident when using eloquence. I did
notice that they have
a few different voices for the vocalizer synth. I downloaded Oliver, a
UK voice, and it is not bad. I also downloaded a new female US english
voice called
Susan and she is not bad either.

Greg Wocher

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