Re: Admin: Re: [nvda] How much does the eloquence and vocalized voice pack cost


As I stated in an email a few weeks ago when this person started
posting on the list, he will continue posting nonsensical messages,
off topic messages, and violate list rules until he is removed. He
apparently doesn't pay much attentionn to messages in reply to his
questions and will continue repeating things over and over until
stopped. Moderation is the least of possible solutions to this

Good luck Nimer and Gene!


On 9/19/17, mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo
<ochikodinaka@...> wrote:
when is the next update for NVDA

On 9/19/17, Nimer Jaber <nimerjaber1@...> wrote:
I will just reiterate that Gene has my full and unqualified support in
matter and I will be keeping an eye for any future messages from this


On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 1:17 PM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

From the moderator:

I don't know why he is doing it and we have no basis to assume anything.
I doubt it is intentional rudeness. I would say that people should
not comment on any post by Mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo unless
asks a new and useful question. Repetitive questions, the same question
four times in a month or even twice in a month or six months, should
be ignored.

It is not useful to have a debate on list about Chikodinaka
Oguledo or his posts. If such unproductive debates continue, I shall
all threads where such debates begin.

If Mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo is too outrageous, I shall
moderate him. Moderation means that I shall see every post from him and
have to approve each post before it reaches the list. If I do that, I
shall simply not approve repetitive questions nor questions that in any
way, promote sites where illegal activity occurs. .

I'm explaining all this because Mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo
a post yesterday in which he seemed to indicate that he didn't know what
being moderated means and because there may be other list members who

I am not the list owner and if he wishes to deal with this matter
differently, that is what he will do as list owner. I've stated what I
will do unless the owner wishes something different to be done.

Also, on further consideration, I've changed my mind about how long
moderation will last. It will last at least two months and whether it
lifted will depend on the kinds of posts Mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum
Oguledo sends for approval.



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