vocalizer voices (got it partly figured out)

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

I have to say, the web page where the nvda plugin is up for download is terrible.  According to the site (and I quote).

Once the Add-on is installed along with NVDA, you can select either Code Factory Eloquence or Code Factory Vocalizer in the NVDA Synthesizer dialog and then select the preferred language in the NVDA Voice dialog.

Yeah, only this doesn't work for vocalizer voices.  It works just fine for eloquence voice (which btw, I can't stand), but apparently, for vocalizer voices, you need to go to another page (not linked to anywhere on the NVDA plugins page), and download the voices you want to use.  This is pretty poor page design, especially since there is no mention anywhere on the page that voices need to be downloaded.

But, just for reference, downloading the voices I wanted didn't change my circle of errors, I'm still getting the thanks for using, and telling me that pressing ok will start the install process, (which btw doesn't).  Installing the samantha voice separately also doesn't solve my problem, I can select vocolizer in the code factory menu, but when going to synthesizer and selecting vocalizer is how I get into that nice endless error circle, so there is definitely still work that needs done on these voices.  I'd be demanding my money back with no doubt if I'd had this experience after paying for these things.  The seven day trial is nice, but it isn't of any use to me, because nothing here is working, so I'm just going to write it all off as a bad idea and go back to being content with my espeak ivan 3 voice.

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