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David Kingsbury


Regarding bhavyashaa's comment dated on 2 Mar below, I agree totally. If NVDA just got rid of the arrow keys being announced, it would be OK to hear the other command keys. I am a trainer, and for new users, it is important for them to hear the other keys, even the most basic ones like enter, escape and alt tab. But having to listen to the arrow keys constantly really gets in the way. If this simple fix could be made in the next version of NVDA, it would really help, especially for new users and those who train them.

David Kingsbury

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Hello Quentin!

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Please, see:


ruifontes commented on 15 Nov 2016
A compromise solution:
1 - Considere Enter, and accents like accut accent, grave accent, tilde and carete, as a character;
2 - Separate arrows from command keys.
That way will have three group of keys;
1 - Typeable characters including Enter and accents;
2 - Arrow keys;
3 - All other keys;

bhavyashah commented on 2 Mar
Are there any users who would like to retain announcement of arrow keys via the Speak command keys option? If absolutely none, removing arrow keys as a whole from being reported under all settings should be considered, because it is unlikely and unproductive for anyone to enable arrow keys while working, or even creating tutorial content for beginners, or in any scenario I can currently visualize.
Also, adding only Enter to the characters spoken even with the afore mentioned setting off would be of significant help to beginners, as many NVDA users and trainers have reported in the past, and shouldn't have any counter-productive consequences in the UX of other users.
However, Enter in comjunction with other keys, in the form of key commands, shouldn't be verbalized.
The above two cases have been pretty much unanimously agreed as expressed in several comments and through various tickets in the past, and thus I have specifically requested their implementation.
With the arrow keys eliminated and the Enter key spoken, we may have a clearer picture of the user demand going forward.

Do we need some more issues open to this question?
If you see, my proposal and bhavyashah proposal are identical, with the inclusion of accents in the typeable characters, as they really are.


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Clipspeak will read the following commands:

CTRL+A: Select all
CTRL+Z: Undo
CTRL+Y: Redo
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste

Is that what you are after?

The idea of a more customisable "speak command keys" comes up from time to
time, but the problem is everyone wants different things. My idea would
probably be to have a simple set of options, say checkboxes for groups of
keys like:
- function keys
- arrow keys
- modifier keys


If anyone has a really clear and widely useful variant on that they'd really
like to see, do feel free to write it up on GitHub:



On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 4:42 AM, David Kingsbury
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I am aware that if you go into the NVDA menu keyboard settings, it is
possible to turn on and off the announcement of command keys. I am wondering
if there is any way to customize this. I want to hear NVDA say control C
when I copy text, control V when I paste, but it is very annoying to hear
down arrow every time I hit the down arrow. Can I set this so I can hear
some of these keystrokes, but not others?

Thanks for any help on this.
David Kingsbury


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