Re: does NVDA have any command to suggest us correct spelling if we typed some wrong spelling in word or while writing a mail?

Shweta Mishra

thanks friends! I'll try the suggested methods.

On 9/20/17, zahra <> wrote:
if you use nvda 2017.3 and later,
• In Browse mode for Microsoft Word, it is now possible to navigate to
spelling errors using quick navigation (w and shift+w).

hope that help, God bless you all.

On 9/20/17, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:

NVDA doesn't implement the spelling functionality itself, so it will be
to how the program handles it. I just noticed Firefox has an option to
check spelling when I looked in my options, but it isn't announcing
for me, so I can't check, but maybe try pressing the applications or
context menu key when you are on a spelling error? That works in Word at



On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 3:44 PM, Shweta Mishra

hi friends!
hope all are fine.
friends, when I type some wrong spelling in word or writing a mail in
firefox, the NVDA announces, "spelling error" so I want to know, can
it suggest me correct spelling? if yes, then what is a command?
thanks in advance!

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efforts may fail but don't fail to make efforts.

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