Re: does NVDA have any command to suggest us correct spelling if we typed some wrong spelling in word or while writing a mail?

Tony Ballou


Absolutely, just place the focus on the misspelled word and press the
applications key or shift-f10.  NVDA will say context menu and a list of
choices for the word that you want will come up. Arrow to the word that
you want and press enter.  You can also add words to the dictionary,
have it ignore words, and a few other cool things too.  Hope this helps.


On 9/20/2017 1:44 AM, Shweta Mishra wrote:
hi friends!
hope all are fine.
friends, when I type some wrong spelling in word or writing a mail in
firefox, the NVDA announces, "spelling error" so I want to know, can
it suggest me correct spelling? if yes, then what is a command?
thanks in advance!

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