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Kenny Peyatt jr. <p.wildcat1234@...>

How much does thecode factory elequence add on, and the code factory vocalizer add on cost?
Kenny Peyatt jr.

On 4/18/2016 8:17 AM, Gene wrote:
There is a demo.  I don't recall if there is actually a demo or if the program functions when installed as a demo with the user simply installing the exact same program.  I suspect that that is the case.  Check the web page where the program is offered and see.  Of course, someone could make a recording and that would be useful.  It might be more useful to try it as a demo and see what you think of it in use as you would use it.  And the SAPI Code Factory Version would be worth trying as well. 
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You say crackling sound.

Do you have a way you could some how record it, and let me hear?  I'd like
to hear it before making a purchase.
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> Hello all,
> I did purchase this add on today. Even once it is activated the crackling
> and popping is still evident when using eloquence. I did notice that they
> have
> a few different voices for the vocalizer synth. I downloaded Oliver, a UK
> voice, and it is not bad. I also downloaded a new female US english voice
> called
> Susan and she is not bad either.
> Regards,
> Greg Wocher

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