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I was the one who made the distinction.
I'm not entirely sure how it was taken that I assumed this gentlemen knew right away what I meant. That absolutely 100 million percent, wasn't meant to be implied.
In fact, ahim, I kind of remember saying, write me off list if you need more help/clarification? That person never did so. So, no offense, but what do you expect? I did my part by offering the help. LOL! Smile. I only can do but so much.
Christopher Gilland
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Well is still good, sadly is full of adds
and they really want you to pay for things these days.

But if you log in to wordpress then after that go to and
as long as you don't need all the features in the dashboard or don't
mind a lot of aside posts then its good.

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> I think he was making a distinction between wordpress as a platform
> and the online which is probably why you have issues. I
> have to say, I've never tried either, but I think perhaps the person
> who posted this distinction assumes we all know what he means when we
> do not.
> Brian
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>> About Wordpress I wrote, It stopped to be an accessible. I also have
>> a question. This second blog is accessible really, or not?
>> And also, have You tried Tumblr?
>> Thank You.
>> Marco

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