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I apologize that the material below is not more polished. I just made this
Reg test for carrot and parenthesis
My synth for the test below was Microsoft Speech Platform. I found a
problem with this synth.
I tested regular expressions for beginning and ending exponential
My syntax for these exponential expressions is that the expressions are
bracketed between (^ and ^).

Regular expression to recognize beginning of exponential expression:
Actual Pattern:
Replacement Pattern:
Begin exponent

Regular expression to recognize end of exponential expression:
Actual Pattern:
Replacement Pattern:
end of exponent

The regular expression for the end of an exponential expression fails to
recognize the end.
The regular expression for the beginning exponential expression works as
The two regular expressions are very similar. Why does one work and not the
Here are some test cases:
(^ ^)
I then wrote a regular expression to recognize the pair "()", and NVDA sees
the closing parenthesis but not the opening one. Puzzling!

The following synthesizers execute these regular expressions correctly.
ESpeak NG,
Soft Voice,
Speech Player ESpeak,
SVox Pico Synthesizer,
The following synthesizers did not execute these regular expressions
Microsoft Speech API Version 5,
Microsoft Speech Platform
For these last two synthesizers, I input the regular expressions into their
Voice Dictionaries.

(^ w + 3^)
Begin exponent is recognized but not the end of exponent.
So, the two Microsoft synths have a problem, and I do not know how large it

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Is MS Speech Platform still compatible with NVDA? It's been several
years since I first installed it and I've changed computers and NVDA's
interface has changed and I don't know if it's still possible to install
Speech Platform in it, which makes me a bit sad because I like those
voices, just not as a default. I've also forgotten how to install them
in NVDA and I can see they're not addon packages, so...

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