Re: Problems with IE - nothing speaks

Chris Mullins


It sounds like you are in focus mode and you need to be in browse mode for quick navigation keys to work.  Use the arrow keys to move out of the edit field, then use NVDA+spacebar to toggle between browse/focus mode.  It will either announce focus/browse mode when you press NVDA+spacebar or it will use a sound.  If it sounds like a camera that indicates focus mode whereas browse mode sounds like the clang of an iron bell.  Get into browse mode then the h key will work.





From: [] On Behalf Of Pettyjohn, Chris G. (FTC)
Sent: 22 September 2017 17:33
Subject: [nvda] Problems with IE - nothing speaks


I'm on the NV Access homepage.  None of the navigation links are spoken when tabbed to. Pressing h does not go through headings, it just says 'h'.  Pressing NVDA+f7 opens a caret browsing dialog box.  What have I done?

Windows 7
IE 11
NVDA 2017.3

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