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I have no idea.  It doesn't sound as though deleting the file should cause the proboem but if it happened immediately after and you hadn't done anything else, then in some way, it may have.  If you want to, you can run NVDA from the installer and test it with your browser.  That should tell you if reinstalling it will solve the problem. 
If you don't want to lose settings in NVDA, you could use the currently installed version to make a portable copy with all your current settings preserved, and then you could run the portable copy and try installing from that copy after you remove the currently installed file.  I don't know if the problem will be incorporated into the portable and installed versions and other list members probably know how to save your settings in a clean installation but that's one suggestion.

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i created the file. I was experimenting on an app module for a specific website.  i only had a keystroke binded to a method. The method displayed a message box with the foreground windows name in it. So i don't think deleting a file i created can be the problem. But who knows. Should i reinstall NVDA?

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