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I too confirm that. the facebook mobal site is way easier then the regular facebook site.


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I second what Lino said. Facebook mobile is about as simple as it can possibly get. I don't know if it is my computer or what, but, the desktop version of Facebook is uber slow on my machine.




On 9/22/2017 3:47 PM, Lino Morales wrote:

Brian their is nothing wrong with teh Facebook Mobile site. It has HTML headings etc. Its easy to navigate.

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Yes I gave up even trying to understand it, Even on the mobile site.
Is there a blind friendly client for any of the so called social media sites that are easy to use?
I don't want them to rule my life, but of late so much information I'm expected to know about is on Twitter or Facebook its beginning to look like I'll have to bite the bullet again. Maybe I can employ a young person to do it for me!

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How do you guys use facebook with nvda? In particular, searching group posts and viewing the results, but most actions seem laggy. Also, nvda randomly jumps around on the page.

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