Re: Problems with IE - nothing speaks


do reinstall nvda.
i have your experience.
i deleted some pyo files that i thought they are not essential, after
deleteing each one, i realized that nvda even did not start!
also one time, delete one line from global commands.pyo and recieve
the same result!
hope that help, God bless you.

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I think I'd try this first, and then do a system restart, it would also be
instructive to know if it works with other browsers or indeed with a
portable copy of nvda as well.

The problem is with any changes to files in nvda, sometimes the system can
complile them and put them elsewhere for execution. If its still there you
might need to take your system set up folder away, uninstall nvda
completely, clean out all folders then reinstall and copy your system
settings back. This is where a portable version can be used to see if its
nvda or not. Its pretty obvious that if it works in the portable version and

not in the main one, then the main one is screwed up.
I have just had to do this with the master snapshot, but I got away with
looking at file dates and only deleting the most recently updated ones and
letting nvda fix the rest.
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i created the file. I was experimenting on an app module for a
specific website. i only had a keystroke binded to a method. The method
displayed a message box with the foreground windows name in it. So i don't
think deleting a file i created can be the problem. But who knows. Should i

reinstall NVDA?

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