Re: Actilino Braille Display

Felix G.

Instructions are included on how to patch an existing installation.
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Felix G. <constantlyvariable@...> schrieb am Sa., 23. Sep. 2017 um 11:37 Uhr:

I am personally in charge of this file. It was not ready for release at the time NVDA 2017.3 was code-frozen, so I created a custom version of the setup which would include it.
I'm on vacation right now but on Tuesday I will create a ticket containing that version of the dll so it can be easily located, and so that it can be included in masters.
There will soon be another major update to the driver which will speed things up considerably.
Feel free to also contact me, or Help Tech, directly if there are any questions.
Kind regards,
George Zaynoun <humorlessgeza@...> schrieb am Sa. 23. Sep. 2017 um 09:57:
This new Braille display from Helptech formerly Handytech does not work
with NVDA unless one downloads a copy of NVDA from Helptech. That copy
works and they made their own NVDA release for it, I have that copy but
it is 2017.2 and upgrading it results in no Braille output. Who is
responsible for fixing this issue, Helptech or can NVDA devs extract
the driver so that it works with regular NVDA release? I am willing to
send this copy of NVDA to who it may concern.

Georges Zeinoun
Timmerv. 6A ITR LGH1102, 54163 SKÖVDE    SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (500) 48 29 29 +46 (500) 43 55 11

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