Re: vocalizer voices (got it partly figured out)


Antony wich Heather from microsoft?


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Från: Antony Stone
Skickat: den 24 september 2017 17:11
Ämne: Re: [nvda] vocalizer voices (got it partly figured out)


So, you're using the old version of ETI Eloquence and you want to use the new

version instead?


That's strange, considering your email of 3 minutes earlier said "I am using o

old e t I  not new e t I new e t I. Microsoft speech. is o k heather Microsoft

is good but I like what I am using now"...


I repeat: "I like what I am using now".



Anyway, to get the current version of ETI Eloquence, start from


If you do not want to pay money for it, forget about using it and stop asking

about it.






On Sunday 24 September 2017 at 16:58:49, mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo



> hello I am using old e t I from jeffs websight not New e t I .please I

> want2use new e t i



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