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When you say old how far are we going back. At the moment speech dics are created when you configure a voice or a global dictionary. Normally they go into the system config on an installed copy and the user config on a portable one. recent changes in developments snapshots have renamed some of the dictionaries, and caused problems when updating like the apparent loss of entries or inability to delete or copy files. However if you have been using that release versions there have been no such changes, to my knowledge.
I'm assuming you have not been editing these manually and accidentally made one corrupt or delleted it.
Normally if no dictionary exists you do not notice. Brian
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In the old version of NVDA there was a map ”UserConfig”. In this map was a map called “SpeechDicts” . In it was a file called ”default”. In this file you could read the content of the speech dictionary.
Where can I find this file in the new version of NVDA ???

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