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Sorry answering too many lists! I didnt catch the NVDA part... I am new to NVDA but it should work the same as Jaws. I dont have it installed right now or I would check it for you. :)
On 9/25/2017 11:18 AM, Randy Barnett wrote:

In Mew Torrent? Yes, You can heare the percent, size, upload and download speed. Mew torrent can give you more info than most people will want. I actually remove some of the stuff from the colum view. You have to use the Jaws cursor sometimes but there isnt anything in the app you cant access with Jaws.
On 9/25/2017 11:04 AM, Matt Turner wrote:

Anyway to see the percentage of a download?

On 9/25/2017 1:52 PM, Randy Barnett wrote:
Oh, BTW: HaveĀ  you heard of Vinux? It is self voicing for the install and uses ORCA by default. I set it all up without any sighted help at all.
On 9/25/2017 8:59 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:


I downloaded and installed q-bittorrent from its website. for the most part it seems accessible. But question, how do I once a torrent is downloaded how do I tell q-bittorrent to stop seeding the torrent basically forget about that torrent's magnet link and stop doing everything? I downloaded ubuntu from a torrent now I got its iso file I am done but q-bittorrent still thinks I want to seed the torrent. any help? do I maybe have to install a jaws demo to help me out with this perhaps?



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